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On June 19, 1990, in accordance with the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Government, the factory established in the 1920s - The Shanghai Great China Rubber Factory and Shanghai Zhengtai Rubber Factory, the earliest tire manufacturers in China, established the "Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Corporation" .In 1992, the company became the first listed company in the domestic tire industry to issue AB shares and was renamed "Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd." .In 2007, in order to further enhance the group’s brand awareness, it followed the international and domestic brand names, the company’s name was changed to "Double Coin Holdings Ltd. " .In 2016, after the company’s controlling shareholder completed the overall listing, the tire sector was independently formed as "Double Coin Tyre Ltd.", and the name was changed in 2017 to "Double Coin Tyre Group Ltd.".

The company's entrepreneurs established China's rubber industry national brands "Double Coin" and "Warrior" in 1929 and 1935 respectively. They combined imported technology with independent innovation, developed and manufactured many firsts in China's tire industry, cultivated and Promoted the development of China's tire industry.

The company actively implements the brand strategy and cultivates and develops its own brands. The "Double Coin"?brands have been awarded "Chinese Time-honored Brands".

About Us

Company address 20th Floor, Hualun Mansion,
560 Xujiahui Rd.,
Huangpu Dist.,
Shanghai, China

Contact Number021-23537000

Contact Emaildoublecoinexp@shhuayi.com

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