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"Warrior " originated from the trademark pattern "Warrior " (Warrior, Fighter) designed by Western techniques. At that time, Zhengtai Rubber Factory Manager Xue Mingsan translated it into the Chinese homophonic "Hui Li ", which implies the meaning of "returning power ". Refers to "the great power that can overcome difficulties. " This is consistent with the characteristics that enterprises need to possess, so entrepreneurs decided to adopt this innovative trademark pattern.

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    1、The English word warrior in the "Warrior" brand trademark means "Warrior and Fighter".

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    The trademark pattern also adopts the round shape of the tire, with the warrior pattern of bending the bow and shooting arrows inside, which reflects the load-bearing characteristics of the tire with "returning power".

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    The shirtless warrior reflects the personality of the brand: brave to overcome difficulties and unpretentious.

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    The trademark concept is consistent with the modern marketing concept: the pursuit of integrity.

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